We build great software for reading text from digital images with a mix of image processing, computer vision and OCR.

CustomOCR was started in 2008 as a company specializing in development of sophisticated text recognition software.

We continue to focus on problems related to reading text from images – those problems where a regular OCR system is not enough.

Our Values

We are passionate about the software we develop.

Our mission is to make our customers happy by delivering only the most accurate, robust and high performing text reading software, and ensuring outstanding support and customer service.


Many companies now rely on CustomOCR products, using them as a substantial part of their business.

See what some of our customers say at our founder’s LinkedIn page.

Our Experience

Over the past years, CustomOCR gained experience with many types of images. Examples include:

  • complex scanned documents,
  • sales receipts,
  • lottery tickets,
  • business cards,
  • passports and IDs,
  • bank checks,
  • credit cards,
  • car license plates,
  • FMCG and drug packaging,
  • computer screenshots,
  • diagram images,
  • N-segment displays,
  • medical equipment generated documents,
  • webcam images.

Some our solutions are designed to work as parts of computer vision and inspection systems, such as steel slab inventory system, or conveyor belt based quality assurance system.

Also we have experience in recognition of ancient scripts, rare languages, and nonstandard fonts.

We have extensive experience with Tesseract OCR since we chose it to be the central OCR component of our text reading solutions.

CustomOCR founder, Dmitri Silaev, is one of the most active contributors in the Tesseract OCR Google Group.