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Why OCR Systems Fail

Tried an off-the-shelf OCR system?

Didn’t work. Or, did but not so well.

Yes, that happens a lot – when it’s not a document image.

A typical OCR system is created for document images, i.e. images of scanned paper documents.

When it comes to other image types, such as driver’s license photos, an OCR system would also try its best to read the text. But often all it can do is to spit out just a few true letters, or even complete garbage.

That’s to no surprise, because every stage in an OCR system’s pipeline just craves for document images. It’s simply not designed to work with other image types!

How We Make OCR Systems Work

Existing OCR Systems Can Be Used

…But First They Need A Boost

So what’s a boost? That means exactly this: before the OCR system gets the image, we

  • enhance it,
  • transform it,
  • understand it,
  • and slice it in a special way.

Then, the OCR system becomes just happy to give us the most accurate output.

So this is how we build our text reading solutions:

We Boost OCR

with our mix of image processing and computer vision techniques.

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