The All-In-One Solution
For Lottery Ticket OCR.

Accurate. Fast.

All States And Games.

Build your own on-premises lottery ticket scanning application using
ImgHog Lottery Edition.

It’s an accurate and high-performance image processor / text extractor specifically designed for lottery ticket reading.

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Test: Regular OCR Systems

Off-the-shelf OCR systems are designed to work with ordinary printed pages.

For lottery tickets, they may produce poor results.

We tested today’s 5 top performing paid and free OCR systems on a large set of lottery ticket images.

Two of the systems were only able to produce usable results for less than 80% of images.

Failed with > 20% images: 2 of 5 ~ 40%

Others showed average accuracy of no more than 93%.

Average accuracy: ≤ 93%

Meet ImgHog Lottery Edition — Designed for Lottery Tickets

Accepted all images from the test set.

Succeeded images: 100%

Read text from every image with 100% accuracy.

Average accuracy: 100%

Test: ImgHog Lottery Edition

Our large test set of images consists of a few hundred scanned tickets for different games in a number of states, using varying design and layout, different fonts and print quality.

ImgHog Lottery Edition worked perfectly for all ticket images from the set.

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Integrates Easily

No complicated API, no libraries to link against, no setup.

ImgHog Lottery Edition is built for simple integration: just command line and XML output.

Regardless of your environment and programming language, you can get the OCR part up and running in no time.

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Designed for Lottery Tickets

What may confuse regular OCR systems in lottery tickets? Complex colored backgrounds, blocky fonts, poor print quality… So many reasons to fail. And they fail!

ImgHog Lottery Edition is here to help. It’s built to come through all Lottery Ticket OCR challenges and to ensure the most accurate results.

Focus on your app idea, not on tricky OCR, right now.

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Always Stays in Sync

Lottery tickets are not constant. Altered layouts, ad spots… You’d better watch for changes!

Here we deliver you piece of mind with our Technical Support & TicketLock Program.

Along with regular updates, your software will adapt itself to possible ticket changes. Your business will keep running, rain or shine.

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