An Easy Solution for Visual Field Test Data Export from Automated Perimeters

Attn: Carl Zeiss Meditec Humphrey Field Analyzer Owners

Need to do your own glaucoma research?

  • Make all your patient field test data available for processing by the glaucoma analysis software of your choice.
  • Use your perimeter test data to develop and test new statistical methods, dedicated to interpretation and classification of visual fields, or detection of visual field progression.
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Data export software by Carl Zeiss Meditec is not easy to get and is sold at a deliberately high price.

That aims at promotion of CZM’s own analysis software products.

For small eye clinics and independent researchers, that makes access to field test results difficult and prohibitively expensive.

Consider ImgHog Perimeter Edition

An Alternative Data Export Solution for Humphrey Field Analyzer Perimeters

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Exporting Test Data with ImgHog Perimeter Edition
Is Really Simple

Supported Printout Types

Single Field Analysis
Central 10-2 Threshold Test

Single Field Analysis
Central 24-2 Threshold Test

Contact us if you require exporting data from other types of printouts.

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